Thursday, March 5, 2015

9 months.......and counting

This post I had ready to go out in January.....9 months prior to departure.  But with the health issue - it got put on the back burner.   I loved thinking about this post last year.....cause I knew what I wanted to write back then!!!   So here goes.....

9 months.......and counting
No not a baby, but the gestation period prior to embarking on this amazing family journey is just like being pregnant.  So we are about 9 months away from heading down the coast to our jump off point in VA. down to the Caribbean.  Just as a baby is in constant growth and change during will this journey of preparation and alteration.

Our lives are still moving forward in anticipation for this wonderful event.  There are joyful days of insight and wonder, just as there are days of overwhelming feelings of exhaustion and fear. Considering our To Do lists may not be completed when it is time.  Just like we felt before our first son was born.

Babies come when they are good and ready - right now we know our departure is definitely in September.  But we have a bushel full of unknowns that hang around us as we attempt to put our house up for rent.  We cannot do this trip if the house is not rented.  But I have faith that we will we find a wonderful family to rent our home - I know the universe will provide us that.  I Hope!?!   That unknown makes packing things up difficult...but I am still doing it.   You know, I think everyone about every 10 years needs to act like they are moving out.  To Un-clutter their lives and spaces of the accumulation.  The things that are not needed anymore get passed on or thrown away.  Simplicity.

I know when Liam and Calan were born, I felt those moments of simplicity when rocking them to sleep.  Nothing else mattered except connecting with that baby.   Just hours of staring into the wonder of the miracle.

9 months of anticipation and then that sweet connection.
It is a beautiful thought, just like this trip is meant to be!