Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Believe Change is good...

How do you feel about CHANGE??

We are now in the CHANGE of thought from Land-livers to Live-Aboards. 

And to be honest, I did not think about the 'plan' for my mental state once we moved out of the house.  Maybe to my chagrin.
Heck, we were so busy packing, discarding, moving, purging and cleaning the house just to hand the keys to our tenants Friday I had not thought much about where my mind would wander the week or so after that transition. 

This transition I am finding harder than I ever imagined.  Maybe its this singular boat focus - which was birthed out of extreme, multi-tasking thinking - that has got me tilted.  
Maybe I have just not caught up with my reality yet.

No pool to clean, No lawn to mow, No weeds to pick.
I need to haul my laundry in a dock cart in order to clean it.
Friends and acquaintances thinking we have already departed, when in reality we are sitting at our Marina in town until October.   
My house comes with me when we sail.

Not sure the exact root of my mixed feelings - all I know is my friend Christine said today...
"I should give myself a break"

And with all this Change, I think her wisdom shall be heeded.
Just Be in the Present Moment,
for I Believe Change is Good.