Sunday, November 2, 2014

Old Man Winter

November 2nd, 2014

Old Man Winter Blew in hard today.   37 degrees F, rain with Snow and we actually had accumulation...(we saw the roof tops as we drove David to the airport on his way to Orlando!!)

Thank goodness we already took the Dodger and Bimini off the boat AND the outboard and dinghy.

Trying to plan ahead, and think about order.  Some type of order.  As we removed cushions, sheets, towels from the boat....we then cleaned and boxed most items and are storing them in order.  (Well trying)!

My mind is a rage of thoughts and it is hard to turn the cognitive machine off at night.  Scraps of ideas written down so I do not forget simple ideas to help ease the transition.  Especially the transition from house to boat a few months prior to departure (with two young boys aboard!)

I need to get as much order in my mind now - Before the 2-3 months of living aboard prior to doing the passage southward.  Think about it - things will be needed, moved and eaten that I will have to replace, repack and put on checklists so that we do not forget anything for the longer trip (when a Food Store is not easy access.)

But, Maybe it will be easy??  Practice makes perfect.  I will get 2 months worth of homeschooling practice before we depart US waters......that's a good thing!  Right.   I can practice putting food supplies in Tupperware without bringing any cardboard onto the boat.....and I will have washer and dryers available.

OK OK I am talking myself off the cliff............see what fatigue brings.  Glad I have a rational mind if I talk things through.  Thanks for listening!