Friday, July 31, 2015

What a difference a day can make

My last post, I admit, was swimming in lost thoughts and unease.
Well what a difference a day or two can make.

Diving deep, I realized my state of mixed feelings was rooted in much, much more than boat living distress and change of living ideals - but had more to do with other thoughts that have been consuming my soul quietly for a while now.  
And the simplicity the boat represented, gave way to the flood gates of pent up emotions I have not dealt with while in the mad- scramble to get everything done to make the shift to the boat.

So I write this post with new energy, a great outlook and gratitude in my heart to my close friends who listened to me unravel a 'kinked necklace of thoughts' from my soul.   

I tend to pride myself on the ability to step outside myself and view my inner clashes with a neutral perspective and grace, usually gaining traction on my own and moving forward.
The lack of being able to do this was a major hang up in moving past my consuming thoughts.  
So in light of the inability to self calm and figure out, I shifted from my normal resolution process and shared my woes - and those open hearts who listened gave me the perspective I was lacking.  
I am so grateful.

In receiving all their perspectives, advice and of course ruminating resolutions...I came away yesterday morning with a great sense of being loved, not just by myself but by others who I may not have realized cared so much.  In a days time, with the help of the positive winds of change my friends and husband bestowed on me, I was able to sail away from the shore of distressing thoughts.  

With this new found presence and freedom of thought, I jumped right into one of my boat chores. Unearthing ALL food products that were shoved in various storage areas (which was dumped on the boat last month in order to get out of the house for rental) and then organizing and finding which compartments made sense to hold our provisions.

Our friend is a professional organizer who has imparted on me amazing thoughts about how to make this 47 foot boat sing with organization!  And by classifying the food in different ways I have found a system that is going to work fantastically for our family.

The usual is spices together, vitamins together, dry snack items...but other things like liquid/glass items stored together (yes, you can think cocktails! along with salsa, oils, dressings), all dinner items (canned goods, starches) together, lunch items (the kids can make themselves) together, then opened items not yet finished (Cereals, chips etc) together, all baking needs in one area.   It feels right but I have no problem being fluid with these designations - for this live-aboard status has only just begun.
Quite possibly digging into what I call the "treasure chest" for dinner items every night - may just drive me batty.  The treasure chest is the area under the salon couch, which is covered by big cushions and a lid.   It is also deep and can hold a lot of items.  I have heard this becomes a pain in the butt over time having to move everything to get to it.  So I have given it the positive title of Treasure hopes it keeps at bay any swearing that may arise from the constant maneuvering that will take place every meal time!  (I'll keep you posted!)


So we have checked one off the list of to-do boat chores...this brings feelings of  accomplishment.  By checking off a task (even just one) it frees up the mind and helps us get on with the next things in life.  Just like releasing old thoughts that hold us back mentally.  
There are moments where we need to decide..
it's just time to sail on.