Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happiness Catching Fire.....

Finding your simplest form of happy.

Today I shifted my paradigm and did something for me.  It made me extremely happy inside, connected, rooted .

I stopped for a moment and took control of myself in a simple gesture.  I stopped letting all the things, lists, to dos that are running around my peripheral and central vision....and listened to what I desired.

It was sincerely like playing hooky from my life, but gave me such a sense of focus, joy and love. 
I ran around prior to it and had tons to do after it.....but I just needed to know I was still in control of the simple desire to do something for me.

I went to a matinee mid week without kids! Without it being a kid movie or animated movie!  I know you probably thought it was something juicier or more in depth.  But no.  I simply found time to see a movie, mid-week, no kids, no spouse....before it left the big screen forever.
I am happy to say my friend Sue came along for the which I thank her for witnessing my desire to retire for 2 hours this afternoon before resuming the checklist of life.

May this blog be Catching Fire within your Soul - so you too will listen for your simple desire!!