Sunday, November 30, 2014


 November 30, 2014

Planning a trip like this is no small feat.  Besides all the land responsibilities, house rental preparation and provisioning; there is also the plan for on the water.

The plan to get down the US coast.
The plan for the Passage from US to the Caribbean.
The Plan while down in the Caribbean.
The Plan for the Bahama island jumping when working our way back to the US.
The Plan for coming up the US coast.
The Plan when we return to the Rhode Island area.

Geez, all these could be chapters in and of themselves!  And to say this is daunting is an understatement!  Except that we have an amazing resource in the Conway family! These are our dear friends who just 2 years ago did this trip (and then some).

With unending support, stories and good advice Chris and Erica - this Thanksgiving holiday - opened their homes and hearts to host us and gave us detailed, first hand knowledge of the islands we are going to see.

With solid information, great stories and fare warnings we left them with an excitement that renewed our spirits and created a vision of what this trip beholds.

  • Not just trying to see as many islands as we can, but to connect with the cultures, the people and nature.   
  • To follow the weather and decide how long we will stay someplace based on how we are feeling about being there. 
  • To expand our connections with people and their way of life.
  • To slow down and take care of the minute at hand. 
  • And to give our children the opportunity to immerse their sensibilities to all these possibilities. 

I am energized and calmed by these thoughts!