Friday, December 4, 2015

Resort moment

So sitting here tonight in the cockpit - the breeze picks up and the boat moves around on its anchorage.   As it bounces and sways and swings around the music blaring from the resort fills the air.

Yes, yes it must be a band, based on the harmonizing of those at the mic. singing "All of Me"  (And a heck of a lot better than the karaoke heard Wednesday night with drunken vacationers singing "I Will Survive")

Sitting hear listening to the island beats layed down to common tracks...heck it's not bad, and even a bit fun.  But the yearning to be someplace quiet, a place that evokes peace, calm and centeredness calls the soul.

Cheers to those drunken visitors to the resorts, God bless you as you boost the local economy.  But in truth - Nemetona preferrs to be home to a Jam session (like we have done with the crew of Penny Lane and Salmagal) then just listening to a jam echoing over the waters.

Good news is soon we will be heading out when the weather window is right to sail on to quieter waters, to find happiness and fun times in a different way.