Monday, September 7, 2015

"Trash Pick Up"

During the last unofficial  'weekend' of Summer on the hook, we accumulated a lot of trash, and as you can imagine, on a holiday weekend, recyclables too.

The aroma and thought of sailing it all back to our Marina was not pleasurable, but doable. 

After I awoke, I opened the trash door and decide the bag needed to be closed up tight and brought outside.    In that same moment  Calan stuck his head down the companion way to announce he saw his friends Julia and Nikolai  coming up in their dinghy.

Julia and Nikolai attend the same school as the boys in Portsmouth, RI and 2 days prior serindipidously saw their family on the beach and stopped to chat!   Their mom Maureen mentioned that the kids were going around collecting trash from boats and it kept them busy for hours.  I was impressed to say the least and thought what an industrious duo!

Well, I had not even gotten the trash bag up to the cockpit when Calan announced they were doing 'trash pickup'.  Huh!?
Could the universe have provided better timing....?  I think not.    If I slept in, or they had never made it to the outskirts of the anchorage...this coming together of energies never would have happened.  How fortuitous.

Needless to say, we gave the diligent  workers a break by inviting them in for the "Calan Tour" of Nemetona and they invited him to be crew on their dinghy excursion.

Happy Day on our Sacred Space.