Friday, February 6, 2015

Check list....check marks

YEAH!  Another Check mark off the check list....

A big task for me was organizing the Medical side of things.
Try thinking about a year's worth of Medical needs and supplies for your whole family.  Not just your run of the mill Cough medicine.  Think wounds, oral care and stitches.  Think burns, broken bones and food poisoning, all without an Urgent Care Facility around the block.

This is no small undertaking, but one with the help of the Conway Family's trip 2 years ago and Erica's excellent organizational and List making skills, has broken it down into an easier more comprehensible task.

We researched many options for medical kits...and decided in conjunction with taking a First Aid course we would purchase the comprehensive Adventure Medical Marine 2000 kit.

We just received it last night and the waterproof bag was bigger than I expected....but I had to remember this was not a first aid kit, this is a MEDICAL KIT.

Inside contains smaller bags, each appropriately marked with the category of contents.  Bleeding, Burns, CPR, Medications, etc...
We will also still use our regular First Aid kit, which stays in eye view for daily cuts and scrapes.

Tonight while going through all the compartments. it caught the attention of our oldest son who said "Mom, I feel much better about doing the trip knowing we have this on board!"   WOW!!  My heart leaped, for he has had the most resistance about leaving his friends and worried the most about the unknown.
So, even if we return and do not have to open the zipper on this bag, him saying those words makes it worth every penny!  We want our children to feel safe on our journey - and this brings them one step closer to that realization.

Last item on the medical kit list.....just waiting on the Pharmacy to fill the prescriptions we just received from our doctor.  Feels good to get these types of items off the checklist while the weather is still freezing.  Once Spring rolls around the focus goes onto Nemetona and getting her ready!