Monday, November 16, 2015

Catching up since October 6th

Well, it has been an adventure since we set sail October 6th from Portsmouth, RI.  Some things expected and a lot of things unexpected, but no matter what...we are always Sailing Forward!
Heck aren't we all?   
It has been lovely to see how our boys have adapted to life a drift and even more exciting when we meet up with other boat families.  It brings such joy seeing how quickly they form friendships and laughter is always soon to follow.   It brings lightness to heart!  Dave and I have been meeting new people and have really enjoyed the camaraderie of the Salty Dawg Rally sailors.
Millport II and Penny Lane boys

November 1st Dave, Nigel (Dave's dad) and Brent (Dave's Brother) set sail for the passage south to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.  It was a rough sea state during the 9 day passage but they made it safe and sound with only some minor snafus.
Poppa Nigel at the helm during the passage
They are enjoying the beautiful water, warm sun and the landscape.
The boys and I will be catching up with them soon.
Enjoying a bite to eat with family.

Float plan Through November 20th
Day          Date From To Destination
Tuesday 6-Oct NEB Noank, CT
Wed  7-Oct Noank, CT
Thursday 8-Oct Noank, CT Port Jefferson, NY
Friday 9-Oct Port Jefferson, NY Liberty State Park, NJ
Saturday 10-Oct Liberty State Park Cape May, NJ
Sunday 11-Oct Cape May, NJ Utchs
Monday 12-Oct Cape May, NJ Utchs
Tuesday 13-Oct Cape May, NJ Utchs
Wed  14-Oct Cape May, NJ Rock Hall, MD
Thursday 15-Oct Rock Hall, MD Baltimore, MD
Friday 16-Oct Baltimore, MD Annapolis, MD
Saturday 17-Oct Annapolis, MD AYC
Sunday 18-Oct Annapolis, MD AYC
Monday 19-Oct Annapolis, MD Back  Creek
Tuesday 20-Oct Annapolis, MD Back  Creek
Wednesday 21-Oct Annapolis, MD Back  Creek
Thursday 22-Oct Annapolis, MD Back  Creek
Friday 23-Oct Annapolis, MD Point Lookout SP, MD
Saturday 24-Oct Point Lookout SP Deltaville, MD
Sunday 25-Oct Deltaville, MD FBYC
Monday 26-Oct Deltaville, MD Hampton, VA
Tuesday 27-Oct Hampton, VA Blue Water Marina
Wed  28-Oct Hampton, VA Blue Water Marina
Thursday 29-Oct Hampton, VA Blue Water Marina
Friday 30-Oct Hampton, VA Blue Water Marina
Saturday 31-Oct Hampton, VA Blue Water Marina

The crew

Sunday 1-Nov Hampton, VA Virgin Gorda  -
Lana and Boys drive down the coast on a home school field trip tour with Grandma and pa 'Pete'
Here with cousins Ryan and Jill in Jacksonville

Monday 2-Nov Delivery Delivery
Tuesday 3-Nov Delivery Delivery
Wed  4-Nov Delivery Delivery
Thursday 5-Nov Delivery Delivery
Friday 6-Nov Delivery Delivery
Saturday 7-Nov Delivery Delivery
Sunday 8-Nov Delivery Delivery
The boys and I tracked him the whole way down, posting daily to Armitage Sailors on our FB page

Monday 9-Nov Virgin Gorda Bitter End YC
Tuesday 10-Nov Virgin Gorda Bitter End YC
Wed  11-Nov Virgin Gorda Bitter End YC
Thursday 12-Nov Virgin Gorda Bitter End YC
Friday 13-Nov Virgin Gorda Bitter End YC
Saturday 14-Nov BVIs      
Sunday 15-Nov BVIs
Monday 16-Nov BVIs
Tuesday 17-Nov BVIs
Wed        18-Nov BVIs
Thursday 19-Nov Road Town, Tortola

Friday 20-Nov Road Town Lana, Liam and Cal Arrive to be with David to start our Caribbean Adventure.  We are so lucky to have Uncle Brent and Poppa there to hang out with the whole gang for the first week or so creating memories to last a life time!  
Happy Chappy's
More to come when wi-fi is accessible.

In the meantime - go to our Facebook page ARMITAGE SAILORS to see our Photo essay showing our fun and exciting trip down the coast!   ( And see how the boys help journal each day - to keep track of what day of our journey we are on, they create a number for each Day we are in.  I know you will enjoy!)