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In the RIGHT > margin Under SUBSCRIBE

Hover over the Light Blue readers icon.

It will open and show options.

Click in the rectangle after the Envelope with the pencil

Type your email address here and click Subscribe.

After this step...Go To your INBOX and ACTIVATE the SUBSCRIPTION.  

INBOX:    The subject line of your verification email will read:

FEEDCAT.NET: Email Subscription Request <>


this is a verification message to confirm 
request for email address

FEEDCAT.NET activates your subscription to
Armitage Sailors
once you click on following activation link.

Click here to activate subscription:

Thank you for using our services!


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  2. If you have already subscribed under Feedburner prior to May 1st, 2015....please take the time to follow this step with the NEW notification system.
    Feedburner was unreliable.
    Thank you!


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