Friday, October 24, 2014

The road we travel...

October 22, 2014

This past week has been the do or don't time. We actually sat down and looked at budgeting.....this time last year our hopes of leaving Fall of 2014 were dashed at the realization we did not have enough clams to make the trip happen.This week, once we realized we are our own 'cerebral obstacles', we embraced the thought of actually having the funds to get there! Sheer Excitement!

Needless to say there was a lot of joy behind this page. Now to decide if we will go 'all out' with our own webpage, just a blog spot or simply FB. Decisions, Decisions....I might as well enjoy these simple decisions before the really hard and or complicated ones arise in the next year before departing!

We just have to remember to CELEBRATE all of life's choices......even the hard ones. YOLO
You Only Live Once!

October 23rd, 2014

You know you are a sailor going on a long trip when you get SUPER EXCITED to hear....."Just ordered the water maker......we are definitely going now!" WOOHOO!
Solar Panels and water maker.....looks like we can get off the grid for a wee while. 

October 24th, 2014

Duffel Bag and a Bike.

Sounds simple right. Not much to it. 

Well, this is all that David came to America with 20 years ago.

Flash forward to now...and anxiety fills the air over the amount of STUFF that has accumulated. A house full of it. So much stuff that 2 days ago it almost derailed our Joy of going on this trip.

When we started discussing renting the house out for a year the thoughts of emptying the house shot a crippling bolt of lightning down our spines. 

There is a saying "What enters into everyday life, soon becomes an unnoticed part of it". Well it is so TRUE!

Just looking in each room at the things we have gotten use to surrounding us, all of a sudden seemed like a terrible burden. 

This fear hit David hard. The proof of that came while I was at Cub Scouts Leading my Bear Den. I came home to 3 bags of clothes David sorted out of our closet as donations! (Note the Joy meter started to rise again). Phew.

I had not felt the depth of despair David felt that night - for we have an amazing friend who also happens to be an amazing organizer. 2 years ago she transformed my thinking and our house by digging into the depths of my mind and clutter. She gave me the time, love and guidance I needed to jump my own 'mind laden hurdles' and get on with IT! She helped un-clutter my kitchen, linen closet, storage room, Clothes closet, junk drawers (all 7) and most recently my office. 
Thank you does not come close!

So I have to say, David's purge has inspired me to go through my clothes again! And helping my parent's in September unload 46 years from the house I grew up in for their move to Florida, has inspired me to just GET RID of the Minutia! Now I just need to find the time...for my mind is READY!

Donation pile going to Big Brothers, Big Sisters