Our Boat

Nemetona = Sacred Space
(pronounced Nem-a-TONE-uh)

To get the Full Meaning of Nemetona scroll to the very bottom of this page.

Where did we find our vessel?

Our perusal of the boat listings and David’s keen eye led us to a vessel in New Jersey named Icke Vasa.

He drove there on his way to an event in Annapolis.  And when he called from that boat, I could hear it in his voice.      The same voice he had when talking about the birth of our first born child to his mother over the phone long distance…..his words sweet and with the sound of all hope for the future!  

I knew he found something special, yet when I asked him about the boat - his first words were “Lana, it has good bones”.  (OK, OK – THAT first line is like hearing “Hey Lana I have set you up on a blind date”.  I say “Yeah great. What’s he like?”  And you say “He is got a great sense of humor”.  Drum roll and cymbal please!)

It was His voice though – his voice is what I remember about that moment more than the rest of what he was saying in boat lingo (remember I am not a sailor).  I knew he was hooked on this one.  

After all the sailboats we looked at in Newport - this was the first time we felt promise.

Photo Gallery

These pictures cover from Nov. 2012 when we bought our sailboat to Summer 2014.

If you want sequential order start from the very bottom of the column of pictures and scroll your way up.....ENJOY!

 Summer 2014
Summer 2014

2014 after new Dodger and Biminy

Calan Hanging out in our hammock


David up the Mast

Winter 2014.....Jobs

2014 Winter - getting ready to paint the bottom

Winter 2014 - a warmer winter day for some mast work

Summer 2013 - Ahoy

2013 in the salon with their good friend Chris

View from Companion way
2013 in the salon with their good friend Finley

Peterson Family power!!
Zen Sisters

2013 July 4th Fireworks with the Conways
Texas Hold Em

Spring 2013 in the water

IN the slings

Winter 2013.....Jobs
2013 - Final touches before she goes in the water
Finishing touches

Now she belongs to us - beautiful Nemetona!!

Winter 2013 On the Hard

Removing the tape
Having FUN!

I'm Ready to PAINT this THING!
Sanding Done, now onto Painting

Time for the Old name to come off......

It was a cold day.....Blow drier helped a little

 First Day in Rhode Island.....November 2012
2012 Pulling in from the Overnight Delivery from New Jersey!

The Delivery......

2012 November - David driving his vessel for the first time on open ocean!  Nearing Newport!!

Overnighter!!!  Cool Picture

Nov. 2012 - Documenting the voyage from Ocean City N.J. to Newport RI

2012 - Had a rip in the main, but not too bad.

Alternator problems delayed the delivery....

The State of Things when we Bought Her...................

A little elbow grease and we can make her look like the top of the Cystler Building!!

Bow Thruster....

Lots and lots of leaves & dirt

Dirty Bilge

The woodwork was in Great Shape!!  Beautiful dark wood

View from down below looking up

There she sits as Icke Vasa -  soon to become Nemetona

Some BEFORE and AFTER shots......

Power washing sister - Tara Lee

Like day and night

                                                                                                       Lots of scrubbing ahead
Tara dove right in and made her look amazing!

See what a little pride can do!

2012 - It took a very long while to clean up all the bilges........but we did get it done.
Clean as a whistle............



Whistle while you work......

To make it clean like a whistle..

Tara, my sister, helped in the cleaning of our boat.

Happy Boat owner

View from the boat the morning after purchase.

 Down Below...
Salon from the Galley

Couch from Galley

Nav station

One of the 2 aft berths

Captain's Berth

View of Galley from Salon

View from above!

We officially Own this vessel!!



Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine.
Your sacred space is within you now.

By creating an altar or visiting a sacred site, you connect with the symbols and energy that have been infused with meaning and prayer over the centuries.

Don’t take these symbols lightly, for they’re powerful indeed. When you connect with sacred symbols, you help your inner sanctity find a home in the outer world. You also tap into the ancient wisdom and spiritual grace of the old ways.
Explore spirituality through sacred symbols and sites, and allow your soul to joyfully meander among the various ways available to you to unite with the Divine. It’s not a matter of how you connect, but that you do so frequently.

Various meanings:
1.)Build an altar in your home
2.)Take a spiritually orientated trip
3.)You need a quiet place of refuge or a retreat for yourself
4.)Create a medicine circle or a labyrinth
5.)Walk the labyrinth
6.)Clear the energy in your home with sage, prayer, toning, invoking Archangel Michael, or other space-clearing methods

- By Anne Onimuss


She is sacred space, whether that is found within the majestic trees of a grove or if it is held simply within one’s heart.

She is holy breath, the sanctuaries we create, not out of stone and mortar, but out of love and reverence. She is a sacred link between ourselves and the living planet. But in my mind, not in an all-consuming way, such as a deity like Gaia, but in a very personal , intimate way, our link to the land our feet walk on, to the trees our ears hear singing in the wind and the leaves that season with us. She is the animation of the living space around us, a reminder to create that which is sacred within and carry it through all our trials and journeys. She is the circle unto herself and we are within Her circle, found within our relationship with our most intimate and immediate environments. She is the wholeness within each single leaf on the plant that sits beside you, or the moving cells of your body, and the embodiment of all personal spiritual cycles.

Simply put, she is sacred space

Written by Sora Nalani


  1. Mmm! That "voice" you mentioned - I remember hearing it on the phone when he rang me from America to tell me he had "met" someone special !!!!! I hear what you are saying Lana - that voice is reserved for the special things in life :)


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