Sunday, December 20, 2015

VIDEO: Montserrat, Volcano tour

Capturing images and footage from our tour with Joe Phillips, amazing.  Liam editing it all and creating this video...priceless.

Montserrat has an active volcano...coming back to life in 1997 with many earthquakes and eruptions since.
Blocking access to villages and showing the force of nature.

Enjoy Liam's creation :

VIDEO: Snorkeling in NEVIS

Here is a video created by Liam from s/v Salmagal's Go Pro footage.
We all went snorkelling in Nevis near the man made reef outside the 3 Seasons Resort.

It definetly shows his editing abilities along with his humor!

YOU TUBE video:


Here is the link to Liam's video from all the Go Pro footage from their day in the Baths....with the awesome Salmagal crew along with Simon and Sam from Penny Lane.