Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hot Stuff...

Well, to say Dave has been on fire with the task of prepping the boat (in god awful COLD conditions here in RI) is an understatement!   When he returns from his work trip next week I will endevour to get more details on his preparations of the boat.   Watermaker, new water heater, through holes, etc..... It is harder than you think to get a moment to do this.

On the other hand - I am literally Hot stuff right now.  Running a fever...which is not wanted at all, but know I must bow down to it's firey force or end up sicker longer.  Started in the lungs with a tight chest on Thursday (thought it was just asthma with the really dry air) but Noooo.  It festooned into a lovely hot mess.

So I leave you with pause...
Take care of yourself
do not run yourself ragged
do not let your mind run wild with adverse thoughts
Be at peace

Easier said than done...but try!