Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hot Stuff...

Well, to say Dave has been on fire with the task of prepping the boat (in god awful COLD conditions here in RI) is an understatement!   When he returns from his work trip next week I will endevour to get more details on his preparations of the boat.   Watermaker, new water heater, through holes, etc..... It is harder than you think to get a moment to do this.

On the other hand - I am literally Hot stuff right now.  Running a fever...which is not wanted at all, but know I must bow down to it's firey force or end up sicker longer.  Started in the lungs with a tight chest on Thursday (thought it was just asthma with the really dry air) but Noooo.  It festooned into a lovely hot mess.

So I leave you with pause...
Take care of yourself
do not run yourself ragged
do not let your mind run wild with adverse thoughts
Be at peace

Easier said than done...but try!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Water, water everywhere...

Looking out the door today.......I noticed the natural beauty of water.  
Water all around us.  
Water in it's frozen form.
Hardened and reaching out into tiny crystal formations.  
One moment it took to notice, one moment to stop, one moment to look.   This moment allowed me to enjoy the sheer beauty of it.   It is breath taking.  
The 3 shots below bring you closer to the unique formation that found itself clinging onto the glass. Clinging until the heat of the sun decides it's time to melt it.  Time to make it fluid once again.
The fluid water - that in a year, we will be sailing with, living on, swimming in.  

Water, water everywhere....


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prepping for Rental

In an attempt to un-clutter the house and prep it for rental photos....I have come to like the starkness, the simplicity of it all.



Now only 7 more rooms to go!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

ODE to Spreadsheets

This evening highlighted the need for Spreadsheets!  Our 4 pages of tiny print below is of our Winter To Do List!!!   It looks insane, but amazingly between, work, school, sports, activities and trying to live today's life......we are actually checking things off.  =)  
Overall spreadsheets have helped us to line up comparisons for best options with boat purchases, creating the task lists, and figuring out our budget.

This brings me to this weekend and Dave and I reading the plethora of different blogs and articles about the best strategies for money management while at sea.   Trying to dig through all the advice about this and the least amount of bank fees and foreign transaction fees, is mind boggling!!!
So much so, I have to stop reading, take a breath and sleep on it overnight.  THEN wake up, re-read with the Spreadsheet Program Open and start jotting down details for each suggestion.   Then and only then will I scratch the surface on organizing these thoughts and begin the task of reviewing with David some effective strategies.

Every dollar kept in the bank adds up.  And most ATM fees begin at $3.00 in foreign countries and go up from there, and both the ATM and credit cards charges a percentage to convert your foreign transaction (called a conversion fee).  Imagine the gift you give to the bank when away for 10 months, going to many different islands of which have ties to a 'mother country'.  England, France, Holland.....Cha-Ching.

So tonight after a tough few days of feeling overwhelmed and not quite effective living this two track life........I am going to consult my pillow overnight and start fresh in the morning!   Spreadsheet dreams tonight!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happiness Catching Fire.....

Finding your simplest form of happy.

Today I shifted my paradigm and did something for me.  It made me extremely happy inside, connected, rooted .

I stopped for a moment and took control of myself in a simple gesture.  I stopped letting all the things, lists, to dos that are running around my peripheral and central vision....and listened to what I desired.

It was sincerely like playing hooky from my life, but gave me such a sense of focus, joy and love. 
I ran around prior to it and had tons to do after it.....but I just needed to know I was still in control of the simple desire to do something for me.

I went to a matinee mid week without kids! Without it being a kid movie or animated movie!  I know you probably thought it was something juicier or more in depth.  But no.  I simply found time to see a movie, mid-week, no kids, no spouse....before it left the big screen forever.
I am happy to say my friend Sue came along for the which I thank her for witnessing my desire to retire for 2 hours this afternoon before resuming the checklist of life.

May this blog be Catching Fire within your Soul - so you too will listen for your simple desire!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

To meditate or not to meditate....

January 2, 2015

Homeschooling choices.....

If I can get over having to teach 7th grade pre-algebra while homeschooling on a boat....I am more inclined to think I can add another subject to our daily learning.


While watching a news show on the benefits of giving kids Two 15 minute segments a day to have Quiet time.  A California school extended their day by a half an hour so they could include meditation.

NBC Nightly News on Meditation (click here to see clip)

I have done meditation and have reaped the rewards of this amazing centering, but have not been so apt to extend that knowledge to our boys in a concentrated manner.   A few times a week I sit with our boys at bed time and listen to them and draw them out, but I think this addition to our routine will be welcome - and - a lifelong gesture of love for their self actualization.   Since this trip is about connecting with our children along with sharing our passions.  This self connection is also paramount.

I would love nothing more than giving our boys the ability to find solitude, quiet, centering thoughts and mindfulness at an early age.

Time will tell and the efforts will be noted.

I just hope I can etch out enough time in the next 9 months to practice meditation more for myself, as well as, start the conversation with them.

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