Tuesday, November 11, 2014


November 11, 2014


Got a call while filming a commercial on the 28th of October from the Collision Center the van was brought to after our car accident.  Hoping it was the results from the appraiser, so we know what direction to move in...I checked voice mail.  Apparently the appraiser cannot do his duty without the keys.

So after our shoot was "A Wrap"...I drove from Braintree to Newport to hand over the keys.  First I went to the van and grabbed the 3 bags of clothes and 4 pairs of shoes we were going to drop off at the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of RI, among other items strewn across the Mom mobile.

One item I found in a tiny space was a small shell I picked up in New Zealand two years ago Christmas from the beach in Tuaranga.  It was not in an obvious spot.  When I leaned over from the passenger seat to peer into the little opening near the steering wheel, I saw it and I felt a warmth in my chest and a smile slowly turning up the corner of my lips.

This little snail shell represents an amazing time in my life When connecting with the universe, connecting with others in a deeper way and self exploration was at it's height.  I was exploring being a student of my life and not taking on the angst or emotions of others - which allowed me to explore and be at peace with who I was at that time.

While vacationing with David's family and taking daily strolls on that beach - I found these tiny shells to be prolific along the shoreline.  I picked up as many as I could - I was like a hoarder of shells. Pockets filled and I would come back to the apartment and clean them for I wanted to bring them home.

Not to add clutter to our home in the states, but to remind me of the most peaceful moments that were evoked in those sandy meditative strolls.    I wasn't collecting shells I was collecting Moments.
And it was those moments I wanted to bring home.  Each shell representing a moment.

A moment of simplicity.  A moment of peace.  A moment of reflection.  A moment of sea spray.  A moment of feeling the earth below my feet.  A moment alone.  A moment with family.  A moment to celebrate me.  A moment to share.  A moment to see the excellence within.  A moment to dream.  A moment to realize.   A moment to meditate.  A moment to realize potential.  A moment to be present. A moment.......

As I walked that beach - the peace I felt and the connection I felt with nature - was paramount.  And these shells represented each thought, each moment I pondered as I strolled with the sea mist on my face.   You can add your own moment to that list...it just takes a moment of turning your attention inward.  Thinking simply.

I look forward to the these moments during our year on the boat.

I cleaned and brought home a bunch of them - and handed them out to an amazing group of women who took a chance and ventured on a journey of Extreme Self Care with me.  This gift from nature from a far away land was a reminder to them and to you - that we always have an opportunity to reflect on our own individual MOMENTS!  

What are your moments?