Sunday, January 11, 2015

ODE to Spreadsheets

This evening highlighted the need for Spreadsheets!  Our 4 pages of tiny print below is of our Winter To Do List!!!   It looks insane, but amazingly between, work, school, sports, activities and trying to live today's life......we are actually checking things off.  =)  
Overall spreadsheets have helped us to line up comparisons for best options with boat purchases, creating the task lists, and figuring out our budget.

This brings me to this weekend and Dave and I reading the plethora of different blogs and articles about the best strategies for money management while at sea.   Trying to dig through all the advice about this and the least amount of bank fees and foreign transaction fees, is mind boggling!!!
So much so, I have to stop reading, take a breath and sleep on it overnight.  THEN wake up, re-read with the Spreadsheet Program Open and start jotting down details for each suggestion.   Then and only then will I scratch the surface on organizing these thoughts and begin the task of reviewing with David some effective strategies.

Every dollar kept in the bank adds up.  And most ATM fees begin at $3.00 in foreign countries and go up from there, and both the ATM and credit cards charges a percentage to convert your foreign transaction (called a conversion fee).  Imagine the gift you give to the bank when away for 10 months, going to many different islands of which have ties to a 'mother country'.  England, France, Holland.....Cha-Ching.

So tonight after a tough few days of feeling overwhelmed and not quite effective living this two track life........I am going to consult my pillow overnight and start fresh in the morning!   Spreadsheet dreams tonight!