Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Food Saver

October 28th, 2014

Ok you may think I am ridiculous.........but I love my Food Saver.  
And no this is not an ad for the product but simply a raving review of a kitchen appliance I love (soon to be a Galley appliance I love).

Not only do I use it when I make 6 pounds of breaded chicken breasts (like we just did yesterday) but this little air sucking device is going to come in VERY handy on our trip.
Our friends who did the Caribbean trip would catch some of the most amazing fish while trawling to their next destination.   And they used their Vacuum Sealer a lot.  
Not only will it keep our deep freezer from smelling, it will ultimately save space.
Think about that for a minute.....we need to save space.  
Space is a VALUABLE commodity on a boat.  And even if you find space - it may not be in the shape you are looking for.  Some of the smaller compartments are oddly shaped or tucked in an un-accessible space.

Which brings me back to another common theme...STUFF.  I wish we could Vacuum seal all the stuff we are leaving behind so we did not need to rent a storage unit.  We do plan on down sizing and ridding ourselves of everything but the absolute essentials.
For we do plan on returning to RI when our adventure comes to an end, but while we are away we need to rent it out....hence our need to put things in storage.

I have to say I really do look forward to this next 'year of the purge'!  
No better motivation to clear out the clutter than the opportunity to spend many months with the family you love, with ONLY the things you absolutely need.