Monday, March 16, 2015


Sometimes when in conversation with people we love and are most comfortable with, the words simply flow.   And in these moments we can string together the most eloquent of verbiage - a gem that shines above all else.

Even if those words were spoken before by someone famous, or a quote we may have read before - it does not seem as touching or revealing as when it flows in context of what we are living (or trying to live).  

One of these conversations happened recently with my sister.  In the mix of daily lives spoken (motherhood, worker bee, wife, travel plans, boat prep and house renting...) our conversation lead us down a path quite beautiful and simple.  Now if I could only remember the exact eloquence with which she proffered this gem...

I wonder why I can not remember the exact words, but have come to the conclusion in peace.   Such beauty is whimsical and fleeting - as the Japanese believe in Mujo (the impermanence of things) like the blossoms of a cherry tree, so it is the same (it seems) for words spoken. 

I seemingly cannot remember the exact string of words because I am out of context to the subject matter that we spoke about weeks ago.   Simply out of touch with the moment that carried us to those words.  But the sentiment was resounding and evoked a feeling from me.  And it is that feeling I would like to share with you today so you can absorb this in your own reality.

You may not need to throw 100% of yourself into EVERYTHING you do....
but rather GIVE 100% of YOURSELF in that PERCENTAGE you are willing to GIVE of yourself to that cause. 

TO be sure the cause is worthy of you, be sure to meditate on it, so your core being and your mind are aligned.  And in doing so it will reflect the true nature of who you are.  

If you are asked to run a fundraiser for instance, be sure it is something you are aligned with heart and soul - and it will be easy to give 100% of yourself into that cause.  Just like us renting our home, moving onto a 47 foot sailing vessel - if it did not align with our beings it would be a struggle to give 100% toward the cause.   But I want to do it and experience it.
But that trip is not all I am about right now...I am still a mother, wife, daughter, employee, cook, cleaner, accounts person. planner, packer etc....all of these things I need to do/be....and some are not I choose which of those pieces of my 'life pie' gets 100% of me.  Cleaning, cooking....not all 100% of my attention, but my kids and husband piece of the pie get 100%.