Monday, December 15, 2014

Do Chag

December 15, 2014

Do you have a "Do Chag"?  
Do Chag is the Tibetan word for 'Sticky Desire'.  
Our sailing trip is our Sticky Desire to create strong bonds within our family.   But there are other Do Chag references, especially with Christmas coming upon on.

David found this article by Arthur Brooks that is one he was compelled to share.  It hit a chord within him, as it did with me.

If you take a minute to read the whole article you will find yourself shifted in thought (or validated in thought) about our Attachment to Things.  (But you must read on past the first few paragraphs....and click on the 'rest of the article'.)

It certainly touches on our Desire to create experiences within our family that transcends any material item we could ever purchase.