Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cheers Block Island

Since the weather models changed so much during the week, our departure came upon us quickly.
We left Friday and motored past Newport with the end of the tide.  Nicely done.
Half way out, we decided to pull out the main to find it bunched up.  In and out we pulled the lines, banjo'd them, and finally looking at Dave's face (I the novice sailor) knew THIS WAS NOT GOOD.  And then he mouthed to me as such (to keep the kids from freaking out).
Then he informed me he needed to go up the mast!  It has been a long road for me to gain his confidence and knowledge of getting him up and down the mast.  And boy am I happy he let me practice this spring.    Here we are between Newport and Block Island hoisting Dave up the mast! 

Thank goodness it was not very windy.  But a small rain squall did halt our efforts.  So up and down twice....and Happy to say we were able to furl it back in.  
The episode sure took a few confidence points away with the whole 'in mast furler'.  Fingers crossed all will run smooth in the years to come, we just may be a bit more astute watching it furl in each time.

We motored the rest of the way and the universe heard my request.....
"There will be an orange mooring ball available to us"!

Not just one, but we had our pick.  So we decided on a pretty safe one next to Madame Geneva.  Of which they had 3 kids aboard!  What luck, even if only for a few days before they headed to Maine on their summer long journey.  Fair Winds new friends, we will catch your blog

It was nice to get here early and get settled.  And even better coming back to this familiar place.  A place 19 years ago during the same Block Island race week Dave asked me to join him while he sailed with the Conway crew of High Noon.  
It may have just sealed the deal for us that week, for a year later we honeymooned here during the same Race week.
Although we have been back to BI many times in was Chris snd Erica Conway who were a vital component in our doing this adventure!

I guess we owe a tribute to this quaint little Island.

Cheers Block Island! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Huck Finn would be Proud

For those who remember, Huck Finn was punished and his punishment was to white wash a fence.
Well he turned what was a negative into a positive by persuading others that this tedious job was fun, an adventure, something they wanted to do.

Well - I think I have some of that blood in my system too.   

We purchase the boat and my sister Tara comes down to a Marina in NJ and Power-washes the dirt and gook off the boat.  Making it look amazing!

My parents come and help clean the inside of our vessel.  Murphy oil soap all the wood and even Dad helped me remove the oven to clean behind it.  And it sure did need it!

Our children, who can vary on their level of excitment abou tthe boat, have helped out tremendously in their own ways.   Especially the first winter we painted the bottom.   Calan getting all geared up to paint and Liam pulling of the painter's tape from the hull!  Great memories created here!


2 winters ago my friend Peg came out with me to the boatyard, while the mast was on saw horses, to polish the mast.  As you can imagine the jokes that came out of that line.  (Polish the mast...) Ha
She grew up knowing the pride of keeping a boat in tip top shape and offered to assist in the polishing.  Gratefully I accepted knowing doing this with a friend is much more fun than going it alone.  So we were off to the boat yard on a beautiful winter day polishing the mast, listening to music and chatting the whole time.   
The Mast on saw horses 2013
Peg and I

Last Summer, Nigel, David's father came up from New Zealand and did amazing work on the wood, particularly the toe rail.   It shines like the top of the chrysler building!  It seriously changed the curb appeal of Nemetona!
A tidy up after some wood work

The reward for a hard days work!
Dave and his dad

Uncle Sticky who runs AB Marine has been crucial, not so much in the hands on labor, but in helping us outfit our boat.  He has helped us with many products from lights, repellents, a shaft shark to a propeller.    All to help Nemetona sail smoothly.
The Armitage men, Sticky, Chips, Ross and Nigel

This year I have had the good fortune to again spend some hours at the Marina connecting with a like spirit.  I had a wonderful time polishing the cockpit with Jenn (my new Next Door neighbor). Music on, chatting the whole time and doing what Mr. Miagi would be proud of.....Wax ON, Wax OFF.   


This weekend we had our youngest (and smallest crew member) help clean a tight space....the back lazerette!   He was so happy to help.

Many hands make light work is so true, doing it with friends and family is an experience!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Anniversary

The best anniversary gift before a long voyage...a place to put the hatch boards!!
I'm in love!!
Dave has been Soo busy prepping the big important-to-get-off-the-dock jobs, working, travelling and he still etched out time to finish.
Maybe only a boater would understand the significance, but I think everyone can feel the love!
Happy 18 years honey!  So many more memories coming up in the next year to reminisce about!

A return gesture of Love - Polishing the Stainless.

Been planning for a week to polish all the Stainless and made sure I got down there today to finish before our anniversary tomorrow.

I like when our loving 'acts of service' advance our quest.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015