Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Elves are we

December 21, 2014

Here we are 4 days prior to Christmas,  the last weekend before we celebrate the birth of Jesus.   Some would suspect we would be travelling to see family during the holidays, many are out shopping today for those last minute gifts......but no.  We have other things on our two track mind.  More immediate things to be taken care of....PAINTING!!

 Yes, painting.

Between yesterday and today we updated, printed and hung up our excel spreadsheets listing boat chores and house chores.  And since the weather tends toward indoor chores we chose to give each other an early Christmas gift....Checking off 2 things on that list!

Today I finished painting the kitchen ceiling and David painted the upstairs hallway.  Both needed major touch ups!  

In the spirit of renting the house out...We want the renters to know how much we care for our house, in hopes they will do the same.

Bonus to this trip is....all these house chores have been waiting to be completed for years.  And This trip is making it happen!  All the better for when we return. 

          Happy couple relaxing!