Float Plan Basic

So many people are asking and wondering when we are leaving.  And since it is really a two fold experience living on the boat - let me explain.

First we will be living aboard in New England then we will be living aboard in the Caribbean.

June 19th 2015- we are looking to start living on the boat as of this day.  We will be sailing to Block Island for Block Island Race Week Regatta in which David is sailing.

July 2015 -  renters move into our house.

July, August, September - living on the boat in our marina slip.  Sailing locally.

October 2015 - setting sail down the East Coast of the USA.  Heading toward Virginia to meet up with the Salty Dog Rally.

November 2015 - David's Dad and brother will be up from New Zealand to help him deliver the boat to the Caribbean.  Lana and the kids will be picked up by her parents and they will be doing a historical drive down to Florida (Home school field trips galore) where they will fly down to the Caribbean to meet up with David once boat is delivered.  (I know may seem like a cop out...not doing the delivery, but it was the deal maker when deciding to do the trip!!  I know my limitations and possibly 11 days on open ocean....no, not with our kids)

December 2015 through June 2016 - It will be just our family on the boat sailing the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

July 2016 - Back in our marina slip in Rhode Island.

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