Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pictures from our first two months

With our neighbors Bill and Jill in Mystic!

Statue of Liberty...


Cousin Neal and Jane

Passage begins....

On the road...Lana, Calan and Liam driving down with Grandpa and Grandma to Florida where we will fly to meet Dave, his dad and Uncle Brent.

Eileen, Lana and Barry

Ryan, Jill and Lana

Cirque du Soliel

Cal, Uncle Brent and Liam

Thanksgiving feast

Sam, Robert, TED, LIAM and CALAN

Anna, Liz, Lana

Pete, Mira, Cal and Liam

Pete, Anna and Simon

Simon, Dave, Pete and Lana

Liz, Pete, Calana and Mira

 Laundry Day
Virgin Gorda

Lana, Anna and Liz

Dave, Donal and Andy

The first Picture on October 6th......departure day.

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