Monday, October 27, 2014

The Best Costume Ever

October 27, 2014

OK - Can I say I feel Lucky to have married a multi-talented man?  Well I AM LUCKY!  

We only knew each other months before we got engaged and nearly 1 year to the day after we met, we got married.  
In between that year, he traveled all around the world doing regatta's and then went back home to New Zealand.   Now much of the time spent together we traveled; Boston, Newport, RI, Washington, D.C. and of course New Zealand.    He being Itinerant and I still living with my wonderful parents after college it was not your usual courtship.   

He had a sailing career and I had many fulfilling jobs I was doing simultaneously.  Following my spirit where it led.  High School Girls Soccer Coach, Certified Massage Therapist, Film Production company in NYC, Acting, and part-time bookkeeping.  All things that kept me fulfilled and kept me busy.  Whether or not it paid big bucks did not matter - I was living a very fulfilled life!!  

We wed in June 1997 and moved to Connecticut.  A nice 2 bedroom apartment sufficed and we started married life.  All yardwork done and major repairs were part of the cost of the apartment complex.  Then we moved to another apartment in Auckland, New Zealand for the 2000 America's Cup while David worked on America True.  Then we moved back to yet another apartment in CT.  All of which did not require much in the way of maintenance.

Where am I going with this you ask?  Well...It was not until we purchased our first home in CT that I found out what an amazing craftsman my husband of 4 years really was.  We did maintenance and remodeling to this house that was envisioned by him.  We worked very well together.  And to my surprise - he was a gifted craftsman.  Not a surprise like "I can't believe it"...but a Pleasant surprise for I never even thought to have that on my 'check' list of what I was looking for in a spouse.  I had asked him some questions in the first month after we met like "Have you ever been arrested?" or "Are you a serial rapist hiding in America running away from authorities in your own country?"  You know crazy questions like that.  (By the way neither of those apply!)

So to add to this wonderful, juicy side of my husband.....I was thrilled to see him this year help me sew together a Halloween costume for our oldest son.  The simplicity of the gesture, of something he knows so well from being a sailmaker, and bringing it INTO the house for his sons to see. Words cannot express!

One of Dave's many talents
He sewed with speed and accuracy "THE BEST COSTUME EVER!" (Words out of Liam's mouth).

I know part of Dave's reason for taking on this task was to keep me from spending 4 hours doing it while we COULD have been snuggling on the Bean Bag couch with me instead.  
His selfish reason turned into one of sheer emotional connection to him.  He sewed while I made the hat and button for Liam.  We were in the same place, at the same time, doing a common task.  This is a RARE occasion with two very busy boys in sports and scouts with business travel mixed in.  I can truly say this MOMENT has made the reason for this trip even Clearer!
Liam is Ash Ketchum from Pokemon

I truly look forward to Many, Many more of these moments when we are on our Caribbean adventure and we spend those COMMON MOMENTS WORKING TOGETHER on the