Saturday, November 8, 2014

Total Loss

November 8, 2014

Total Loss to some may seem like a negative outcome.   Total meaning complete and Loss is something you will never regain.

In the light of the sky and the beauty of earth, 'Total Loss'  does not mean that at all for me.
It brings a happy heart to say we have recently been told that we have a total loss.

Let me begin....October 25th driving back from our younger son's soccer game we got into a car accident.  (We are all fine!  Even with the air bags deployed, thank god we were all wearing seat belts!)

This even may seem unfortunate to most people and at least a major inconvenience.  As it turns out it has been a blessing in disguise.

We just decided two days prior that we would Sell the minivan prior to departing on our sailing journey.    We did not want to pay the loan, car insurance and taxes on it while we were away not using the vehicle.  So the plan was to sell the car and pay off the loan next September.  Just keeping Dave's Toyota Tundra (which is paid off) to do the grunt work this next year and when we return. (Paying for insurance and taxes for one car is plenty!!)

I am talking hours after the crash, I felt a real calm through my soul with this realization.  Affirmed that this accident was a blessing.  It opened my eyes up to another option:
1.  Car gets repaired.  We sell it. Pay the Loan off.  Buy cheap used car to drive until we depart.
2.  Car gets totaled.  Get check.  Pay the Loan off.  Buy cheap used car to drive until we depart.

This accident led us to a decision we never even considered!  Sell the Car NOW, pay off the loan and live the year prior to departure Car Loan free!  Thousands saved.

As it turned out - this past week we got the official call from our insurance agent that the 2011 Toyota Sienna has been a TOTAL LOSS.
This is how it looked after the assessor evaluated it.  

Great, Implement the NEW PLAN.  Pay off the loan, buy a used car to get us through the year.
And BONUS, now we can even keep it while we are cruising, so we do not have to spend the first few weeks when we return looking for a car while unpacking the boat, moving back into the house, getting ready for school.....etc....etc...)

So here we are - the NEW PLAN in effect.  Below is a picture of our wonderful 'new' to us, used car to carry us through this next year and when we return.

2005 VW Passat Wagon
This car reminds me of my first car out of college I paid cash for - a Dodge Colt hatchback, stick shift, Silver.   This car hugs me the way that one did.  (Plus it has Heated seats and a moonroof!  Bonus.)

I (we) could not be happier - the answer to the car question was answered early.
Thank you Universe for providing!!

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