Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Post

November 27th, 2014 

Thanksgiving Post - ODE to MOM and DAD

We had a special Thanksgiving Celebration this year.  As my parents have moved to Florida and will be selling their NJ house on December 5th it was decided to have one more BIG HOORAH in this place we called home for my whole life (and my sisters too!).

46+ years my parents spent in this house on Spring Street and we wanted to celebrate!  After clearing out all the contents back in September and only leaving a bed, a TV, couch and dining room table - we thought it might be fun to gather around that table one more time!

So it was planned to have a Paper Plate and Plastic fork Thanksgiving with a food platter ordered from Stop and Shop Market.
It was such a great way to leave this house - this house filled with memories, Laughter, blood, sweat and tears!

Mom, Dad...
Your Girls grew up, Grew away and now go on their merry ways...with our own families and our own homes.  All thanks to your wonderful support.
Good Luck in your beautiful, warm, sunny house in Florida and with your new camper up in Pennsylvania.   We look forward to making new memories in all your new places!
Thank you for having me (and my sisters too!).
We are all thankful that God gave us such wonderful parents! 

Cute couple

                                                                    Enjoy the photos!

A game of Left Right Center

Momma and her crazy fun loving girls!!
Cousins table

Grandpa Santa!

Barb and Pattylicious

Sisters bookending our cousin Kristen

 Nothing like family to celebrate the holidays with!!

 Au Revoir family room and kitchen
Sayonara Stairwell

Adios garage

The 46+ years house......that was built over 100 years ago.
Their new beautiful home in Florida!
Fun times ahead for everyone!